Megafullife® is a series of high quality, innovative and scientifically supports lipids ingredients and solutions for dietary supplements industries. Megafullife Omega-3 include Flaxseed Oil ALA and Fish Oil EPA/DHA in Oil form, all these products’ specifications meet/over EP, USP, JP, GOED  and so on standards. Megafullife® is the purest, the cleanest and the freshest Omega-3 Products manufactured by 11 patents technology according to GMP regulation in the world, Up to 95% Omega-3 EPA/DHA, No resolvins(as Dihydroxy or trihydroxy metabolites of the polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids), the maximum oxidation (Peroxide Value) with 5, the  maximum Oligomers with 0.8 and so on, Megafullife® Omega-3 lead the market from purity to cleanliness to freshness.